YouTube Ads For Beginners – How to Setup Account

YouTube Ads For Beginners – How To Setup Your YouTube Ads Accounts

YouTube Ads For Beginners is a crash course training series for people looking to learn how to setup their YouTube ads campaigns. This three part series will show you how to setup your YouTube ads accounts, create their first YouTube advertising campaign, and understand their YouTube ads metrics.

While I was scouring YouTube I found this fairly recent YouTube mini course on YouTube Ads for beginners.  I found the course very basic and the trainer speaks clearly and covers some of the basic details that a lot of the super experienced advanced courses leave out .

So if you have never used YouTube ads before and this is going to be your very first time advertising on YouTube using a instream video YouTube Video ad then this course will definitely help you get there.

Now I have been online for 8 years myself learning how to create a digital footprint for myself and I have never used YouTube ads myself but I have been very successful in what I do and the other ad platforms and strategies I have used have worked very well for me, plus a lot of my businesses are not really suitable for YouTube ads .

However if I was going to do some YouTube Ads I would definitely take a look at this 3 part course because it starts off in my opinion with the most important part and that is the setting up of your account properly which is key in your success in any ads platform you use.

So without further rambling here is the first video from  Nicholas Ayers

YouTube Ads For Beginners – How To Setup Your YouTube Ads Accounts

I hope you have found value in this blog post and this video from Nicholas Ayers

Please leave a comment below and share this Post with others who you know that are interested in getting started on YouTube with instream video ads.  You can find the links to Part 2 and Part 3 of this course below.

To Watch Part 2 please > Click here


To Watch Part 3 please >  Click here

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