My 1 Most Valuable Marketing Tip

Remember this One Valuable Marketing Tip

There are many valuable marketing tips out there that you can find and some of them when actioned in the right way will go a long way in helping you in your business.

Today though I want to share my number one most valuable marketing tip that you can easily add in your marketing strategy in an instant. This tip is so simple that an absolute beginner can do it without the need of expensive software programs or years of study.

3 people at work having a meeting

But Be Warned – this tip is not suitable and will not be effective for extremely self-centred, Narcissistic personalities.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Wikipedia Definition – NPD is a Cluster B personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process

My Number One Most Valuable Marketing Tip Is:  

  • Free
  • Easy to do
  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Relationship building
  • and it works

in basis if you perform this tip in the way it is intended you will boost your reach on the internet, increase your fan base and start to connect with people who are in turn in your niche and of value to you as well.

I have been a student of the on-line business industry for 3 years now and even though sometimes over those 3 years I have slipped into the dark depths of narcissism, I have always found my way back out when I have turned back to this tried and true method of engaging on the internet. 

Unfortunately this valuable marketing tips is also one of the quickest to be forgotten and even abandon entirely as many reach the Guru status they strive for.

So without further waffle please watch the video below of me showing you what this tip is and the absolute power it will have for you in building your relationships and notability on-line 🙂 

I hope I have shared my valuable tip in a powerful way in the video. I know I can waffle and slide of topic sometimes and for that I apologies. My intention doing this video was to purely show you the power of engagement for you as an entrepreneur on-line and the value you also share with others on-line when you are trying to help yourself.

Sharing help for beginner entrepreneurs on-line

Hahaha before you rush off please remember to leave me a comment if you are so motivated to. Yes I do follow the link in your name to view your website or Social Media profiles 🙂 


24 Replies to “My 1 Most Valuable Marketing Tip”

  1. Linda Nicholas

    Wow! That was a powerful insight Sandra! Excellent advice as usual. I know from the favourable comments I have received myself how it creates a ‘feel-good’ mood for all concerned. I figure if someone has gone to the trouble to put something out there with the desire to provide helpful information, the least you can do is acknowledge that fact – I like to add a smile as well. Thanks for the reminder of how important this is to build a network 😉

  2. Margret Wathey

    Hi there Sandra. Once again giving value, your awsome! Thank you and so right, something I have learned well from you and will continue doing long after!

  3. Alicia Key

    Great share here Sandra, Thanks! I love your idea about the Uni/ Professor and talking about them in relation to reading a website and leaving a comment. An ideal that people don’t really understand in the online world.

  4. Tash Bell

    Thanks Sandra, great advice as always! It’s such an easy thing to do and teaches you in the process too so win-win

  5. Sandra Lemming Post author

    Thank you Tash. Yes it is very easy to do 🙂 we do it every day when we walk out the door so why night bring it onto the internet and into our businesses. 🙂

  6. Sandra Lemming Post author

    Oh yes so very true Alicia. I think when people sit behind their computer screens or on their phones it doesn’t seem real when they are surfing around the internet and at times I think we can forget to be real people on line 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and I am happy you enjoyed this post.

  7. Sandra Lemming Post author

    Thank you Linda you share similar insights to me and I do enjoy visiting your place (website) 🙂 when I can. Yes community is made of people working together and building a network also requires people and I hope in this digital age we do not lose that understanding. People need people to well feel like a person lol 🙂

  8. Sandra Lemming Post author

    Thank you Toni, I appreciate that. Please continue with your writing as well. You are fabulous when penning the written word and have a much more elegant way than I 🙂

  9. Lucinda Wright

    Thankyou Sandra, have just found your website and finding it all very useful and informative, especially this post. Thankyou

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