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On-line Marketing : Basic Tips for Beginners

Links and how they work with On-Line Marketing seems to be a confusing step for beginners. Maybe it has something to do with the different labels/names and code given to the links when trying to research your way through the mountain of data out there.

Me I like to keep it as simple as I possibly can, so when it comes to On-line Marketing I will some-times cut through the smoke and lump much of the info into the one basket. I never was good at wasting my time on something.

So in this short article I am going to talk a just one type of link which is called by so many different names and one can’t help but see why so many people start learning on-line marketing and then end up throwing in the towel and walking away. I mean honestly this one link I am going to discuss and show how easy it can be for a beginner to use and get out there is called so many things, that you could be excused for thinking that it’s origins come from plain of delusion.

Now lets get to it. 

One type of Link and how to use it On-line 

The link I am talking about is a lead capture page link which is also known as a landing page and also called a squeeze page depending on who you are following at the time. Don’t worry they are basically all one in the same. 

The purpose of these links is to allow people to enter their name, email and any other relevant info so that the business or on-line marketer will have a contact point for that person. This is called list building which is the on-line version of prospecting which comes from the old world days of being a sales person.

Which ever way you look at it they are ways of gathering basic contact details of potential customers or leads as they are sometimes called. This is also known as list building which you can find out more about by clicking on this link >>>>

List building or lead generation as it is sometimes known,is the main way business are able to connect with customers on-line .

To be able to build your list of potential customers you will need some way to collect that persons details and in the world on on-line marketing we call the pages or links we are using to do that

  • Lead Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Survey Forms
  • Coupons
  • Email Forms 

and many other things but at the end of the day they all serve a common purpose, to collect a potentially interested persons name and email address so that we can then share info about our products/services and how they may help.

Easy Ways To Get Your Links Out There

On-line marketing can be started effectively and cheaply by sharing your Lead Capture page links through out your Social Media channels and by doing this you have now taken the very first basic step into the world of on-line Marketing.

So Rather then writing an extensive novel/e-book about how to do this, I shot a tutorial video and show you some easy tips to get your Landing page/pages out there. Please watch the video below.

These few tips that I showed in the video are by no means the best way to do it or even the most professional but they are easy and a great way to get started as an absolute beginner to on-line marketing. 

If you would like to know more about the on-line business community I am apart of and how you can  gain membership to learn how to market on-line you can copy the link at the end of the video and grab your VIP invite to a special free webcast with our company Founder Stuart Ross or just click on the image below.

As always I ask you to leave your comments and questions below and if you know others who would benefit from the tips in this article please share it along 🙂 thank you once again and I will be back with another tutorial shortly.

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