How to Edit Video in Movie Maker

Edit Your Video in Movie Maker

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Hey today I would like to show you an easy way to edit your video in a piece of software called Movie Maker.

Movie Maker is a free software or app if you like that belongs to Microsoft. So it works on a windows operating system.

Generally Movie Maker comes already installed in your windows operating system and is a great tool for editing videos you already have and want to use in your marketing or you can use Movie Maker to create a video or slide show with pictures from scratch.

Now videos are a powerful tool and we have all seen how they can go viral on the web. So if you want to use videos in your business to market your brand or promote your products and services but don’t have the budget for the big professional studios then I highly recommend taking a good look at Movie Maker.

You can make a video for your business from scratch or you may have some videos you shot and just want ad that professional touch, then Movie Maker may offer you the solution you have been searching for.  

Videos can be fun and interactive and with Movie Maker you can do little things with your videos like displaying your website link throughout the video. 

So think about your business, brand,products or services and how you can better serve them through making low cost videos today.

inside editing tools of Movie Maker

What Does Movie Maker Do ?

Import and edit slide shows and videos

To make a movie with Movie Maker, you’ll need some photos and videos on your PC. Import photos and videos from your phone or other device to get started.

Edit your movies and choose a theme

Trim it, split it, speed it up or slow it down: learn more about the different ways you can edit your movies. You can also choose a theme to express your unique style.

Add and edit audio

Bring your movie to life with a soundtrack that you can edit yourself or even ad voice narration.

Share your movie on-line

When your movie’s done, publish it to the web so you can share it with family and friends. You can learn more and get your free download here >>> MOVIE MAKER

Video Tutorial Inside of Movie Maker.

So below in this video I have recording myself live doing a video edit inside of Movie Maker to help get you started, but at the end of the day the possibilities for your video inside Movie Maker are endless.

I hope you have found this short article and video tutorial and if so please like and share with others that you feel would benefit from this article as well.

If I can do more to assist you please reach out to me on Social Media or via my contact form. 

And remember when you are doing things for your business, be productive and passionate. 

Now get creating those videos and most of all have fun, use your imagination and enjoy the process 

Happy Video Creating




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