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One Powerful Facebook Video Marketing Tool

Hello today I would like to share with you one simple and effective video marketing tool that many businesses are over-looking on Facebook. When I share this insight with you if you didn’t know about it already or haven’t been using it in your video marketing strategy on Facebook you will be or should be blown away.

Now I am no expert on Facebook marketing and I am definitely no expert on video marketing on Facebook but I am like many of you a business person who is using the internet and Facebook as just one of my driving vehicles to bring my products to those who are looking for what I have in the digital shopping centre. 

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Facebook Video Marketing Tool- “What Is IT”?

Well to put it in laymen’s terms it is a call to action button for your video posts on Facebook…..

Yes yes I hear you fancy pants experts saying yeah you have been able to do that for ever on Facebook in your ads manager and power editor… lol yes you have but that is when you are setting up a paid ad campaign,, spending $$$ to get your message out there.

BUT what if I said to you what about the rest of your Facebook video posts. The ones you put on your page that are just fun or a share for the general value factor… What if I said you can put a call to action button on those ones as well, the Facebook video posts that you are just sharing for the sake of sharing.

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Now you and I both know that sometimes there are videos we do share with our wonderful fans on Facebook that perform in likes, comments and shares much better then what we expected.

What if we had a call to action on all those video post that helped lead our fans to a newsletter, website or sales page, or maybe even an old sales promotion we were still running but had stopped our paid Facebook marketing campaign due to a lack of interest.

What if this call to action button could be added outside the paid Facebook ad realms. How powerful could that call to action on those video posts have been to your business.

Well in the short video tutorial below I will show you how you can add this call to action to many of your Facebook video you post that are not in your paid marketing campaign.

How to Add a Call To Action to your Facebook Video’s 

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