How To Download & Install a Plugin on WordPress

Downloading and Installing Plugins on WP 4 Beginners

Plugins on a WordPress website a fairly common. Web-masters use plugins for a majority of things on their websites from functionality to collecting leads.
Now the WordPress platform has many free plugins available but sometimes you are just wanting a plugin that is that little bit extra.
These types of plugins, free and paid are bountiful amongst third party developers and depending on what you need you can generally find what your looking for.
So today I am not going into the deep realms of plugins. What I want to do with this post is show beginners how easy it is to install a plugin onto their website from a third party developer.

Now before you more experienced computer and internet savvy users jump up and down and scream

“oh gee every-one knows how to do that”

Step back and shut up; not everyone grew up with a computer in their cradle and for some of us, growing up, like myself computers were only existent in sci-fi movies set inΒ the future.

Beginners Guide to Downloading and Installing Plugins

So you have purchased or found a plugin outside of the WordPress platform.

Now how do I get it onto my website?

Step 1. Make sure you are on the correct plugin page and you should see a download button. Click on that button

Step 2. In your computer window that has opened up choose where on your computer you want to put the plugin file. Remember where you put it.

Step 3. Log into your website and choose plugin – add new and wait for page to load.

Step 4. See the button at the top of this page that says upload, click on this and wait.

Step 5. Your computer window will have opened and you can now select the plugin file you downloaded early. Once you click on it and upload the plugin file is now on your website.

Step 6. Activate your plugin.

Okay so that sounds pretty simple I know but for some it can be daunting and challenging.
To help you even more I have recorded this short video of me doing this live with a third-party plugin on one of my WordPress websites.

“How To” Video Tutorial-Plugins

I have tried to keep this very simple for those of us who have basic computer skills and internet skills.

If this post and video has helped you in some way please leave a comment below and share with some-one you know who is looking for help on a basic user level.

As always have an awesome day. Do things you are passionate about and share your knowledge with others.

10 Replies to “How To Download & Install a Plugin on WordPress”

  1. robbiejvw

    These 6 steps and the video make it easy to download and install plugins on your wordpress site.
    Thanks Sandra

  2. Sandra Lemming Post author

    Thanks Grant I like to try to gear toward the beginner as I feel they are forgotten a lot of the times. I see your doing some great stuff on your website as well. Very interesting Keep up the great content. Cheers Sandra

  3. Sandra Lemming Post author

    Thanks Robbie that’s what I was aiming for and I appreciate you stopping by and confirming that for me. Love the business plan you have shared over on your site πŸ™‚

  4. Mary Lemusu

    Thanks Sandra, very useful information and easy to comprehend, especially for newbies πŸ™‚

  5. Sandra Lemming Post author

    hahahaha Nik absolutely I know I definitely wasn’t born with an i-pad and our smart phone was a big telephone box on a footpath that you could reverse call your parents from if you needed too and offered great shelter in heavy rain and hail storms lol πŸ˜‰ thanks for stopping by glad you got some value.

  6. chris

    Hi Sandra I found these 6 steps on plugins for WordPress very informative as I am a newbie. I will be using this method to install plugins on my website. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sandra Lemming Post author

    Happy to help Chris with so many plugins for WordPress available it can be a bit confusing and downright dangerous to our websites if we are not sure on how to first check the plugin is a good one, if it is compatible to the theme we are using and when it was last updated. So I wanted to share this info to help others not make the mistakes I have made in the past and save them from the dreaded website crash.

    Thank you and if I can assist you in the beginning of your WordPress web-master journey please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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