How To Download & Install a Plugin on WordPress

Downloading and Installing Plugins on WP 4 Beginners

Plugins on a WordPress website a fairly common. Web-masters use plugins for a majority of things on their websites from functionality to collecting leads.
Now the WordPress platform has many free plugins available but sometimes you are just wanting a plugin that is that little bit extra.
These types of plugins, free and paid are bountiful amongst third party developers and depending on what you need you can generally find what your looking for.
So today I am not going into the deep realms of plugins. What I want to do with this post is show beginners how easy it is to install a plugin onto their website from a third party developer.

Now before you more experienced computer and internet savvy users jump up and down and scream

“oh gee every-one knows how to do that”

Step back and shut up; not everyone grew up with a computer in their cradle and for some of us, growing up, like myself computers were only existent in sci-fi movies set in the future.

Beginners Guide to Downloading and Installing Plugins

So you have purchased or found a plugin outside of the WordPress platform.

Now how do I get it onto my website?

Step 1. Make sure you are on the correct plugin page and you should see a download button. Click on that button

Step 2. In your computer window that has opened up choose where on your computer you want to put the plugin file. Remember where you put it.

Step 3. Log into your website and choose plugin – add new and wait for page to load.

Step 4. See the button at the top of this page that says upload, click on this and wait.

Step 5. Your computer window will have opened and you can now select the plugin file you downloaded early. Once you click on it and upload the plugin file is now on your website.

Step 6. Activate your plugin.

Okay so that sounds pretty simple I know but for some it can be daunting and challenging.
To help you even more I have recorded this short video of me doing this live with a third-party plugin on one of my WordPress websites.

“How To” Video Tutorial-Plugins

I have tried to keep this very simple for those of us who have basic computer skills and internet skills.

If this post and video has helped you in some way please leave a comment below and share with some-one you know who is looking for help on a basic user level.

As always have an awesome day. Do things you are passionate about and share your knowledge with others.

Subtitles for YouTube Videos

Subtitles/Captions on YouTube Videos

If you have ever been to YouTube to watch videos on a regular basis you may have come across subtitles on videos.

You may have noticed some are in gibberish, annoying and they have spoiled your user enjoyment of the YouTube video.

You may or may not know how to turn captions on/off as a viewer and so just avoid the YouTube videos with captions/subtitles.

One Big Mistake on YouTube Videos

The biggest mistake I see quite often with YouTube videos and it is one I am guilty of as well, is that as a channel owner we do not set our subtitles/caption options correctly. What does this mean well simply put when we upload our videos the subtitles could seem to be gibberish.


So let us all take a moment to familiarise ourselves with our user dashboards on YouTube to make sure we don’t make simple mistakes that take away from our visitors user experiences.

So I have done a short tutorial video that walks through the basics of subtitles/captions on YouTube videos from both sides of the fence.

As a YouTube visitor/viewer and as a channel owner.

Please enjoy this short video and please show my channel and blog some love by liking, commenting and sharing with your circles.  Have an awesome day and be kind and respectful to yourself and others

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In the next blog post we will delve into the advanced settings in our YouTube manager and show you how to edit your captions in your uploaded videos so it makes sense.  So Be sure to transcribe or follow my blog for the next training tip on captions

How I Unzip

How I Unzip Files for Free

If you work on-line regularly, you more than likely would have come across the issue of downloading a file that is a zip file. Now this will mean you will need software that can unzip that file so you can read what is in it.

Now you may already have a program that can do this for you but if you don’t then you may have a load of downloaded files on your computer that are almost useless to you. Today I will show you a solution unlocking all those goodies in those zip files you have 🙂

First let’s get one thing clear though, not all files on your computer actually need to be Unzipped so lets not go crazy. Instead focus only on files that you actually require the ability to read the info or see the images.

Unzip Your Small Zipped Files

Okay so let’s say in this example you have been to a blog where they are offering to give you a free download of copy right free images that you will be able to use on your own website, in Social Media and anywhere else you wish without the worry of breaching copy write laws.

So you give them your email and they send you the download email with instructions on how to claim your free images. You follow the instructions set out and bingo you have now downloaded what you believe to be your images.

You then rush off to the folder you downloaded to with excitement and find the file, only to see it is saying “zip file”. You frantically try and try to open it with the programs you have on your computer with no success at all.

The cloud of frustration and disappointment looms. You can’t access your images, “what a bloody waste of time that was” you say!!

There is a solution and the 2 solutions I will touch on today is one paid version and one free version. The paid version that seems to be ever so popular with many is a program called Winzip.

image with a link to Winzip

They have a free trial version you can take for a spin but after that time runs out you will need to pay. The price is reasonable and I did  try the free version however I found the software a tad to confusing and advanced for me so I declined to pay.


Now the paid software you can find on the net are many and vary in price so make sure you read the policy and terms of use guides on their websites and check any reviews. Winzip does seem to be the most common paid software that I could find and will unzip large files among other things. click on the image above to go to the website.

There are Free Unzip Options Available.

Now you may be in a position, where you are not willing or cannot hand over your hard-earned cash for a program to unzip your files and that is fine there are options available.

Keep in mind though that when going down the path of free software there are some things you definitely need to be aware of. Firstly when something is free it will be limited in what it can do and will not have all the features of their paid counterparts. Some free soft-wares can come with tracking cookies, and even malware and viruses so be aware of this before you rush in and expose your precious computer to “Death by Virus”

when something is free you cannot be certain you are getting what you think you’re getting so to speak, so my advice is if you are a gimme free all the way type then you best have really good security on your computer and I don’t mean the half ass free version either, and by gee you best know how to use them properly.

To make life a little easier this is the free software I use that handles small files and does a pretty damn good job. No downloading required.

image of the free unzip program i use with link to site







Watch This Video to See How Easy it really is

There is also another free tool I use as well which I find very good and a lot quicker then Unzip on-line, however you will need to download software onto your computer and it does come with an add-on to your chrome browser. The add-on is in the form of an extra search browser which is easily disabled through the settings in your chrome browser however I don;t mind it.

Now because this software is free and it is a download onto your computer operating system I will recommend you do a virus and malware scan before you download it into your hard drive. This is just a precaution and to date I have not had an issue and I have been running it for a few months now.

The software is called Elite Unzip and I find it faster the unzip on-line and easy to store my unzipped files directly on my computer in a bulk action rather than one by one like in unzip on-line.

Watch The Video to see Elite Unzip in Action

So that brings us to the end of my presentation and as always I truly do hope I have helped some-one out there with this piece on zipped files and how you can unzip them.

To get your safe download of ELITE Unzip please click here 

Please leave your comments below and let us know what you use to unzip your files with and how it may help others who are struggling to understand what they need to do to read their unzipped/compressed files 🙂