How to Start a Blog Post

Your First Blog Post.

So your website is ready for you to do blog posts but you’re sitting there twiddling your thumbs and engulfed by fear.

You have never blogged before so the part of your brain you have little control over is whispering in your ear “blog post, what is a blog post? How do I start? Where do I put it?

I know, trust me I was where you are when I first started and let me tell you it’s going to be okay!

So a blog post is merely a short or long story. It can be truth, fact or fiction about any subject at all really but my advice is to write about a subject you know and enjoy as this will make the process easier.

Once you have a subject matter in mind then write your story down as a draft even if you only have a few sentences, it’s okay, you can build on it later,you will do some research.

Now do some research on your subject to see what and if others have written about the same and or similar subject. So when I talk about research I am referring to doing a search on the internet.

How you may ask?

  1. Look at your draft and what it is about and for this example let’s say it’s about “How to Blog”
  2. Now type that into your search engine “How to Blog” then click enter
  3. Look down the list of information on that page and view videos and articles that may be showing.
  4. Once you’ve had a look at what info is there, write down any facts or info you feel would be useful in your blog post.
  5. Save/bookmark any video’s or sites so you can refer back to later if need be.

So now your research is done and your draft story is done. Give yourself a pat on the back you have gotten this far, if you haven’t made it this far yet and still procrastinating, it’s okay but really you need to stop that now and get started. Think story, writing a short story just like you had to in English at school.

Remember your blog post/story doesn’t have to be very long and does not need to contain everything about that subject you are writing about, it can just be about a small portion of that subject.

Now you have you information in a draft copy the next thing you need to do if you haven’t done it already is give your short story a title. Just like an Author who writes a best seller will do, all stories have a title, sometimes this title will be specific and lets the reader know exactly what they will be learning about and other time the heading may have nothing to do with the story.

I find the blog posts where the title has absolutely nothing to do with what I am reading very frustrating, the same goes when I purchase a book, personally I like the title to have something to do with what I am reading.

Do not over think your blog post title, as this can lead to overwhelm, frustration and gives you a reason to quit and not get your first blog post published.

My tip for your title is read your draft story and look for one or two words major words that have to do with the subject matter and been used 5 or more times throughout your story and incorporate them into you title. For example the title of this short story/article/blog post is “How to Start a Blog Post” and if you have noticed the words blog and post have been used several times throughout this story.

What’s next for my Blog Post?

Your draft material is ready now take a look at it maybe ad some subtitles if you need to and think about images. What sort of pictures can you use in your blog post, images are important as they can add some depth to your story and help you break up big blocks of text to make the reading experience more pleasant for visitors to your site.

Find a couple, you don’t need many and have them saved on your computer somewhere easily remembered and accessed by you.

Let’s get Started Constructing your Blog Post on your Website

In the video below I will walk you through a live demonstration in real time on

  1. where to put your blog post,
  2. how to add an image,
  3. how to add a video,
  4. how to publish your blog post
  5. and how to share your blog post.

I hope this has helped you get started with your blogging on your website and please leave us a comment below or any questions you might have. Please share this blog post with some-one you know who will find it helpful

As usual Please leave a comment below and share this article with some-one you know who will benefit. If you have a question you would like answered about blogging please reach out to me and I will do my best to  answer your questions.

My 1 Most Valuable Marketing Tip

Remember this One Valuable Marketing Tip

There are many valuable marketing tips out there that you can find and some of them when actioned in the right way will go a long way in helping you in your business.

Today though I want to share my number one most valuable marketing tip that you can easily add in your marketing strategy in an instant. This tip is so simple that an absolute beginner can do it without the need of expensive software programs or years of study.

3 people at work having a meeting

But Be Warned – this tip is not suitable and will not be effective for extremely self-centred, Narcissistic personalities.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder – Wikipedia Definition – NPD is a Cluster B personality disorder in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process

My Number One Most Valuable Marketing Tip Is:  

  • Free
  • Easy to do
  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Relationship building
  • and it works

in basis if you perform this tip in the way it is intended you will boost your reach on the internet, increase your fan base and start to connect with people who are in turn in your niche and of value to you as well.

I have been a student of the on-line business industry for 3 years now and even though sometimes over those 3 years I have slipped into the dark depths of narcissism, I have always found my way back out when I have turned back to this tried and true method of engaging on the internet. 

Unfortunately this valuable marketing tips is also one of the quickest to be forgotten and even abandon entirely as many reach the Guru status they strive for.

So without further waffle please watch the video below of me showing you what this tip is and the absolute power it will have for you in building your relationships and notability on-line 🙂 

I hope I have shared my valuable tip in a powerful way in the video. I know I can waffle and slide of topic sometimes and for that I apologies. My intention doing this video was to purely show you the power of engagement for you as an entrepreneur on-line and the value you also share with others on-line when you are trying to help yourself.

Sharing help for beginner entrepreneurs on-line

Hahaha before you rush off please remember to leave me a comment if you are so motivated to. Yes I do follow the link in your name to view your website or Social Media profiles 🙂 


Sitemap xml for Beginners

In this Guide to Sitemap XML, we will

  • Briefly explain what, why and how of a sitemap xml.
  • Give 2 plugins to use that make it easy
  • Show how to generate sitemap xml with 1 of the plugins
  • Show how to submit your sitemap xml to Google

So let’s dive straight into the basics of a sitemap xml on your website. Now if you’re at the beginner level and you’re sitting there scratching your head and saying to yourself. “Sitemap xml, I don’t even know what that word means”  then stick with me for a moment and by the end of this blog post you have a basic understanding of what the sitemap for a website is and why this is so important to, your website, your business and your future marketing campaigns.

What is a Sitemap?

What I understand from the loads of information out there is, a sitemap xml is basically a map of your website that is needed so your site can be easily read and navigated by the search engines. Okay so that means I will need a sitemap for the search engines to read if I want my website to be found. That is how I understand what a sitemap is.

There is an easy explanation over in Wikipedia which basically says a site map (or sitemap) is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. It can be either a document in any form used as a planning tool for Web design, or a Web page that lists the pages on a Web site, typically organized in hierarchical fashion.

You can read the full article by clicking on the word Wikipedia or click on the Wikipedia logo below this section.

Why Have a Sitemap?

Well to me that is obvious, now I understand what a sitemap xml is. I need a sitemap on my website for the simple reason of being found by the search engines like Google, Bing etc. so when people type in a search word or term my website has a chance of being displayed in the list to that person.

So having a sitemap for my website makes sense from a beginner’s point of view, but then the next thing your thinking is, well how do I go about doing that?

How to Generate a Sitemap?

Now this is another subject about sitemaps where there is tons of information and not all is good quality easy to understand. In fact for a beginner to the world of having a website, some of the information on generating a sitemap can be downright confusing and made of word that seems to speak in code.

To be honest when I first started my research in the early days on the subject of generating a sitemap for my website, I was left so overwhelmed and frustrated at how little I actually seemed to know that I left sitemaps behind and just didn’t bother with it for a long time.

I hope to save many beginners out there the same feelings of helplessness and stupidity that I felt in those early day of setting up my own website.

Now let’s get to the meat of the sandwich. If you are anything like me then you have probably opted for the easiest way to set up a website and discovered the WordPress platform.

A place where the absolute beginner to websites and even web designers themselves can make use of an easy website building platform that can create a website for you with just a couple of clicks.

So this How to Generate a Sitemap section will take place within a WordPress website platform.

Now the nifty thing about WordPress websites is things called plugins and it is in the plugin area that you will find what you need to easily create a sitemap for your website. There are 2 plugins I have used on my WP websites and recommend.

The first one is WP SEO by Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for creating sitemap

Yoast Website

this is super easy to use, works well and also does some other things for your website as well. So it is a plugin that has multiple uses based around SEO for your WP website. You can find and install your WP SEO plugin by going into your plugin section, choosing add new and doing a search for WP SEO or you can follow the link below. I currently use the free version but am thinking about upgrading to the paid version.

The second one is Google xml sitemaps Google xml Sitemap plugin

this plugin basically just does the one thing, it generates your xml sitemap for your website. Make sure you choose the right one when searching for this as other developers have named their version almost the same. The version you are looking for is by Arne Brachhold just like in the image above.

Instructions on Generating Sitemap XML 

  1.  Install one of the plugins
  2. Activate plugin
  3. Go into the settings or dashboard area of plugin
  4. Follow instructions inside the plugin
  5. Click on Generate sitemap
  6. Follow instructions to find sitemap
  7. The sitemap page will have a bunch of url’s that finish in -sitemap.xml
  8. Copy the code at the end of your sitemap url
  9. Go to Google Webmaster Tools
  10. In left menu click on crawl.
  11. Choose sitemap
  12. A page will load and in the top right area you will see a red button that says Add/Test Sitemap
  13. Click to open box where you enter the end part of the sitemap url and click submit.

This should automatically take and your sitemap has been offered up to Google successfully. Yes you will need a Gmail account to do this and I suggest you keep those login details safe because you can also create your Google analytic account with that same email address.

Now that is all done your next step will be to create your sitemap navigation page which is very simple. All you need to do for that is create new page. Tittle the page Sitemap and on the page in list form put your most important pages and then hyper-link each of those pages back to their original partner page on your website. Don’t know what Hyper-link is never mind, the image below should explain this for you.

diagram of a hyperlink

showing where to place your hyperlink


Video Tutorial on How to Generate Sitemap for Beginners 

Now to show you exactly how to generate your site map and submit your site map so your website can be crawled and indexed by the search engines, I thought it best to do that in video form.

So watch the video below and that will walk you through how to generate your sitemap and how and where you need to submit your sitemap so your website can be read and navigated by the search engines.


How to Social Share a Website URL/Link

Website Link/URL – Sharing

Have you ever been to a website and read an article only to get to the bottom and there are no share buttons?

I have, plenty of times and the sad thing is that the website I am on has some really great value to offer, and I really wanted to share the information ,story, video or content with all my Social Media friends. But  alas I am left looking at the website I am on, with no share buttons bewildered and thinking, oh bummer that sucks. I mean that really sucks.

Why does that really, really suck? Well I will try to explain.

From The Mind of your Traffic/Fans/Subscribers

image girl thinking






I am a visitor to your website, I am what you call traffic which I believe you need to get your website found in the world of the internet.

  • I am not an entrepreneur, website builder, it expert or computer expert.
  • I am just a person who recently learnt how to switch a computer on joined the internet and was told by friends that I could find what I was looking for on websites. I do not know yet what a link is and the term URL is so foreign to me you could be speaking Alien.
  • There are many of me out here stumbling around trying to find these things everyone keeps calling websites. We are so oblivious that we don’t even realise that Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest are websites as such.
  • All we know is we have to learn the world of computers and the internet and we will find what we want to learn, read, see, and buy from websites.

So if you have experienced any of the conditions listed above when you have visited a website with no visible way to share the content, then this short tutorial video I have laid out for you below will solve the problem of a website void of sharing buttons.

I truly hope this helps you in the future and I also hope it wakes some website owners up and they get in and get share buttons on their websites to make life easier and to help their visitors distribute their content more easily 🙂

So without further ramblings from this mad women please watch and enjoy the 5 minute feature film below

How To Social Share a Website URL/Link

Image linked to video


I hope you enjoyed this short feature film and as you can clearly see I have share buttons below for your one click sharing pleasure.

As always please leave your comments below. I love having a chat with new and interesting characters 🙂