How to Optimize Facebook Cover Image

Simple Tip to Optimize your Facebook Cover Image

So you have a Facebook fan-page and with a smashing good cover image. That would be the big one at the top of you page

Have you made sure you optimized it when you uploaded it to your page? What do we mean by optimizing your cover image?

Well simply put we are talking about the description you write for that image. Now you may not think this is very important but trust me when I say “it actually is”.

I cannot tell you how many fan-pages on Facebook I have come across where the admins of the page have neglected to do this one simple optimization strategy with their cover image.

Now it really doesn’t matter if your page is a community, brand, local or charity page, the simple fact is if you optimize your cover image on your fan-page you are, basically opening the door for your fans to see more great stuff you have on offer.

To optimize your cover image and this can apply to all your images you upload simply follow this one simple rule.

Fill in the description/status that is attached to that image for the duration of its time on Facebook.

What can you put in the Description?

  • your thoughts on the image
  • your feelings about the image
  • a small story to go with the image
  • a click-able link to your website
  • a landing page link
  • a link to another post on your fan-page
  • credits to people who helped you with your cover
  • basically anything you write as a post you can put as your description

Now keep in mind you are using Facebook as a free member and Facebook has given you the privilege of using fan-pages for free to showcase your talents, skills products etc. So don’t abuse this privilege by adding false, deceptive information or spam links that may offend or cause harm to Facebook’s members.

This is not only bad practice in general as a human being but is in direct breach of Facebook’s rules for fan-pages, images and community guidelines.

Remember Facebook is a business  and they have spent many years, man hours and money building their membership site which they offer the benefits of connecting with friends, family and others as part of your membership.

They do not charge you a membership fee to be a member nor do they charge a fee to build as many fan-pages as you like, so if you are using fan-pages to showcase your goods or services be mindful of this and add value for those who visit your page.

You don’t want a suspended account and if you breach the guidelines bad enough Facebook will even cancel your personal profile as well.

In my efforts to keep this article short I have done an explainer video on optimizing your images and thrown in a couple of simple tips for list building or collecting leads as well.

Please watch the video below for the full explanation.

For those of you who are unable to view the video above here are the how to instruction in basic.

  1. Click on cover image to open in its own window.
  2. Go to description box on right hand side of image ( your right hand as you are looking at screen)
  3. Click on the little edit button and open description editor
  4. Type in description or story to go with photo placing link/URL you want people to go to first and
  5. This is where you can include any credits to others if you wish
  6. Click the done editing button when finished
  7. Click the tag button and tag your photo with your name and anyone else who you want to include. When tagging be respectful and only tag those you know won’t mind and make sure what you’re tagging them in is relevant to them No-one likes chronic tag abusers on Facebook.
  8. Click done tagging when finished and now you have optimized your image

You should do this with all your photos and videos you upload and have already uploaded to Facebook.

In the description you can also finish with a couple of relevant #hashtags for further optimization but as with tagging make sure they are relevant to your photo and don’t overdo it.

Please watch the video when you get a chance to as I also share some tips on how to collect leads on your Facebook fan-page with some free and simple page optimization tips.

Well that’s it for me now. I hope you have found some value in this post and are on the path of optimizing your Facebook fan-page images.

Please leave a comment below and share this post with others looking for this information.



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Hey thanks for this great informative and jam packed blog post Sandra!. I found it very useful indeed! Awsome!

Toni Everard

Great tips here thanks Sandra, you’ve given me a couple more things I can do. Cheers.


Thanks for sharing this information of optimizing your images on facebook and how to add a link to your images so you can send people to your website or some other page.

Chris Sweeney

Hey Sandra
Thanks for sharing how to optimise your optimise your Facebook cover photo. I didn’t know this! So I will be trying this. Amazing how much stuff there is to learn when you are a newbie…Chris


As always Sandra…..your advice is invaluable. Great business tip for any idiot ( like me… lol ) wanting to add value to FB, Thankyou.

Sandra Lemming

Thanks Nik simple tips shared… (you are not an idiot) just a beginner who is in overload overwhelm stage like many of us. I am just trying to cut through this with these simple tips to help others shine 🙂

Sandra Lemming
Hello Chris oh yes there is a mountain of stuff to learn as a beginner into the on-line business journey. It can be overwhelming at times hence my blog posts on the simplest tasks to do when getting started to help others one step at a time. Yes definitely optimize… Read more »
Sandra Lemming
Your welcome Robbie thanks for you kind comments and support. Facebook is continually adding new things to fan-pages and giving page owners ways to optimize their content and it is good to see. I know a lot of business people run fan-pages and do advertising on Facebook so I will… Read more »
Sandra Lemming

Thanks Toni your welcome it is sometimes the few simple things we miss that can make all the difference 😉

Sandra Lemming

Hi Margret thanks for stopping by to read it. Happy to help and share what I have been learning as a member of the SFM. Glad you found it helpful.

Mary Lemusu

Great tips Sandra, thank you! I’m off to optimise my cover pic right now! 🙂

Susan Lewis
Timely advice Sandra. Saw this post a few days ago. Next thing I know I there I was analysing the in the past ‘need’ to stand alone and not be one of the crowd!! So here I am today having just about finishing some other cover photos. Thank heavens for… Read more »