Free WordPress Plugin Link Cloak Tool

WordPress Plugin that Shrinks,Cloaks and Redirects your Links

There are and have been many tools, tips and plugins over the years to help affiliate marketers shrink, cloak, redirect or tidy ugly URL links. None of them I had used even come close to this little gem.

TidyURL is a free WordPress plugin that is easily installed on any WordPress Website. Once installed you can the easily tidy up any links you want assigning them with your website domain name, how awesome is that.

You can even import you any affiliate link assigning it with your domain name making it Social Media friendly for the likes of Facebook and you can track how many hits your link is getting right inside your website dashboard.

Shrink, Cloak, Redirect Track and Tidy up your inks with one simple little WordPress plugin.

TidyURL The WordPress Plugin that does it all when it comes to your links

Grab your Free copy Today and start becoming a profitable affiliate marketer again. I have used this plugin for 3 years now without missing a beat. When all the other marketers with their link cloaked affiliate links were being shown the door on Facebook I was working seamlessly with my TidyURL WordPress plugin. 

Free WordPress Plugin TidyURL


Cloak, Redirect, Track and Tidy Up Your Links

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Tidy URL is an awesome new Plugin for WordPress that will enable you to shrink, cloak, redirect, track, organize and share all of your links on your own domain and server!

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